What women want at the table!

Guys if you are looking to hit a girl at a poker table watch this video!  It will help some of you...




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badbank79 Silver 1
4260d ago

haha, I like this...


Who does not love the Feminist... if most of are nice, why make a video about not nice?


Im pretty sure you can find some nasty bitches in the poker game as well.... how about Jennifer Tilly,  all her career was based on being a bitch ;)

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
4259d ago

I thought the video was mildly amusing.  I do agree that men, myself included, can be sexist at times at the table.  We think of our own needs and aren't sensitive enough to what's it's like to be a woman at the table.

DocFabio Bronze 1
4257d ago

Very funny, i like this video... :)

boleSt Silver 2
4255d ago

hahaha one of the better posts lately...u straddle me already, we've just met LOL