Spade Club closes...

The Cardplayer magazine owned is closing after struggling for years to make a profit.  Supposedly they had over 200,000 members that at one time or another put up $20 to play in their monthly freerolls and tournaments. SpadeClub customers were taken aback this week when they received emails notifying them of the sudden news and the 30 day deadline they now have been given to close their accounts. Now comes word that ZEN Entertainment network will honor the accounts.

Did any PF members have any experiences with SpadeClub?

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badbank79 Silver 1
3729d ago

Nope,  but probably many rooms will close in the next few months, years the competition is incredible...


It was probably a sure thing around 2002 but now it is so crowded of poker rooms, and even if the big ones are still huge,  there are local rooms that most people have not heard of  that take bigger and bigger share of local players.

So a lot of mergers and lock downs I think soon.

Last updated: 09/18/2010 3:32PM