Top Young Poker Pros of the Future?

Daniel Negreanu came out with his informal list of top young poker pros of the future...

5. Annette Oberstad:

4. Bill Reynolds: This kid is the most unknown player on the list and is just 21 years old. He plays online as Altum Altrus and recently qualified to play on the The Big Game.

3. Viktor Blom: Not yet 21 years old this kid has become a legend in the poker world and what he did was reminiscent of Archie Karas when he made his epic degen run at the craps table. Blom took on the world's best... all of them, at the SAME time!

2. Jason Mercier: Mercier is the ultimate live tournament grinder who's also had success online. Since coming on the scene he's consistently been atop player of the year leader boards and he puts in a ton of volume each year.

1. Tom Dwan: Durrrr has already arrived on the poker scene and has become one of the central figures in the poker world.

Honorable mentions go to:

Shaun Deeb, Sorel Mizzi, Sam Trickett, and Matt Marafioti (ADZ).

Daniel's detailed comments -

Who would you add or subtract from that list of people who will be future TV famous poker pros of the future?

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boleSt Silver 2
4090d ago

Dwan sometimes creeps me out, but very good player, he can handle the older pros for sure

Last updated: 09/23/2010 1:40PM
PF_pitboss Platinum 3
4083d ago

Annette Obrestad just won the £5K HU event at the EPT London, with Jason Mercier finishing in 3rd.  Viktor Blom went deep in the WSOPE main event and Tom Dwan continues to make and lose tons of money online and live.  I think those were some good suggestions.