Comments, Home Page, and Dashboard get an overhaul

The following improvements/fixes were made to the website today: *** All Responses now have an "Add Comment" button that will allow you to comment on any Response in the system. So, instead of adding an entire response just to say "I agree, Charlie!", you can post it as a Comment, which leaves it out of the way of the Responses but still can be seen by those that want it. Look below at the first Response and you'll see the Comment I made as an example! *** We improved the home page so you can easily see the Newest Discussions, Most Popular Discussions, and Most Recent Responses. *** Your Dashboard has a new look and feel ... we think it's much better Keep the suggestions coming so we can make our community the best out there!

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PF_Birdman Silver 1
3625d ago
This is a Response to showcase the COMMENTS feature we just added.
Posted by PF_Birdman on 04/22/2009 9:11PM [ Reply ]

I'm commenting on my own response! Of course, others can comment on my response as well.

Posted by PF_Jeff on 04/23/2009 3:19AM [ Reply ]

this is very, very cool indeed!