"Loose Aggressive Players " Setting them Up For the Fall

the "maniac", they will aggressively bet or raise with just about anything and they play far too many starting hands, they use their aggressive betting style to make up for their lack of good hands. You need to be careful when you play these guys, as they can quickly kill you.They play so many hands, you never really know when they have a trash hand, a real hand, a draw or a monster.Remain patient and figure out how to get under these players' skin and trigger their aggression, doing so when you're holding a great hand, and they'll often bet heavily into you, using most or all of their chips to you! wlould like to see your stragety of play towards these Players

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szakiz Silver 1
2632d ago

I think only hard hands and all in game is the cure against them.Of course this is a little lotto game...