Just one of those days

Well tonight I decided to play a bunch of the NAPL Rookie freerolls on Stars.  What an exercise in futility.  For those who don't know they are 36 person shootouts, so they are 6 tables of 6 people, you win you play the other 5 winners and the winner gets a ticket to the NAPL rookie tournament.  The mess started yesterday and continued on through today.


Situations where I was  80/20 to win I won 0.  I lost aces to king, kings to nines you get the idea.  I'm sure it wasn't actually 0 times I won but I lost more than Iwon when way in front.  I won't even start on times where I lost to Ax when holding pairs.  I was playing, if not my best, damn near it. 


I know I shouldn't take it too serious, they are freerolls into an $0.11 tournament but the league games are for points and cash and then bonus cash for the top 50 point getters of the week.  So what are some of the ways you all keep from going on tilt and losing it.



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Supererou Bronze 3
4078d ago

I always got mad when I was playing freerolls.... but that was some time ....Freerolls are gambling.. most of them


jolenissen Bronze 1
4077d ago

Freerolls are so boring when you play for hours and ends 10th with $1. I also play like a maniac in the beginning of a lot of freerolls. If I double up 3-5 times I usually slow down.

I usually go all-in if I get JJ, QQ, KK, AA, AK and AQ. I can also go all-in if I hit a flush draw at the flop. Of course this is only in freerolls... I also fold almost everything the first 5-10 minutes of a freeroll. I don't like situations where 4-6 people go all-in in a single round.