Would you play poker on an iPhone or iPad?

The first iPad and iPhone compatible poker site has been launched, from start-up firm Switch Poker.

Switch Poker is founded by Irish software developer Conor McCarthy who was previously employed by Full Tilt's software development firm in Dublin.

At the time of writing Switch Poker has no cash game players and a small handful of play money tables running, but McCarthy said in his blog it was in the very early stages of development.

'There are many things that one would usually expect from a poker site missing, such as sit-n-gos, multi-table tournaments, heads-up and full-ring games, to name but a very few,' he said.

'The interface is no where near as polished as it will be and may suffer from some unexpected quirks.'

'We are keenly aware of the shortcomings of the game play on the iPhone and are working hard to improve the experience.'

Mobile gaming experts have been sceptical of the success of online poker on Apple devices due to their incompatibility with Flash, which is used by almost all browser-based poker sites online.

So would you play on your iPhone or iPad if the software was smooth and reliable?

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Supererou Bronze 3
3053d ago

Of course I would play.Great idea! You can play poker wherever you are.It's my dream since I began to play it.

Posted by harryblond on 10/17/2010 8:28AM [ Reply ]

Iphone nope, id like tto play multi tables, screen is 2 small. at the I pad no problem

default Bronze 3
3053d ago

iPad - certainly. But iPhone ...unlikely, I think...too small screen...

Last updated: 10/09/2010 8:30AM
ExOnlinePro Silver 1
3053d ago

I have both ipad and iphone and I love them both (for different reasons).

As default says, iphone is probably too small - i´d be worried about misclicking and ipad would probably be cool to play on (not serious grinding but for fun or single table for example maybe...)

cplbear16 Silver 1
3053d ago

i have played ceasers palace poker on i phone for fun just to try it out it is great if real money poker runs smoothley i will be one of the first to sign up

PF_Sam Silver 1
3049d ago

I would definitely play through my phone or iPad.  The only i would worry about are security risks if i lost my phone or something.  

trivans Silver 2
3047d ago

2 years ago I played on the phone Bvin room and it was great