How I think you should play larger antes

I think as the antes become larger, so should your hand selection, if you fold, fold, fold, waiting for a premium hand, you'll probably end up getting blinded out, as well as when you do decide to push, you may not get a caller due to your table image.

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You are being rather vague....are you talking about in mtt's and blinds or ring games where your sit in with table min??? If you're talking about the rings...then you are sitting in at a table beyond your bank roll, or you should bring more than table min. If you are talking about tournaments....well there's not much that can be done there, just pick your spots... ie: todays $2000 vip, i was on the bubble with 250 left. I still had 7000 chips left, but the blinds were 200-400 and limping was not an option (too many big stacks waiting in the bushes) I gave myself one call of a short stack, after I double him up (AQ vs J7) I shut it down waiting for that preimium hand. Well, nothing came (once I had AQ again but I was in terrible possition and 2 big stacks had already moved) & I was slowly blinded out, but I did managed to use the time to move up to finish in 88th. So I could have moved with "any 2 cards" (as I was told by a big stack with 100 players left and me with my 23o/s & 90% of my stack in the SB), but I wouldn't have had the finish I did!
southsidecan Gold 2
4236d ago
with the antes gettin larger i find most players pass unless they have a premo hand ,when ur getting to the final tables you must fold medicore hands like smaller pairs if you want to finish ,AK AQ can still kill you when everyone is waitng that ultimate hand
Posted by PF_Jeff on 04/30/2009 1:18PM [ Reply ]

Disagree, everytime you get a premium hand is a good chance to chip up. Push , push push!!

Posted by mothersquatch on 05/03/2009 12:04PM [ Reply ]

Well y&'s always best to read the situation, table image & position are very important too!!! Push too often, you'll find you've got more callers than you want.