Tony G and the Big Game

This weeks episodes of the Big Game has been a wild ride.  It started off with Tony G and David 'viffer' Peat seemingly smitten by the loose cannon Elisabeth Houston.  The other players were Joe Hachem, William Reynolds, and Daniel Negreanu.

So far Tony G has pwned the table and is up over 300k.  Viffer quit after 2 days and losing 165k , his replacement Hoyt Corkins lasted one hand against G.  He hit top pair top kicker and lost to G's flopped set.  Next up is Andrew Robl, and boy does he get an earful after sitting down and folding two hands.

At the beginning of one show Tony states that the loose cannon is " wonderful, special and beautiful.".  Then at the end of the episode he declares himself her protector, which was funny.  Ironically she had started the day off down about 47k but would finish a bit ahead of the 100k stake.


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