Impromptu Vegas Wedding in PokerStars shirt?

Dario Minieri, the popular and talented Italian tournament player, supposedly got married last year in his PokerStars patched up shirt in a rushed Vegas wedding.

Now that's dedication to your sponsor...LOL


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Hahah I must love PS a lot to do that... maybe he was trying to get a raise? taking picture and making them public right away? =P

PF_Simon Gold 3
4198d ago

He probably received a few bucks to do it hehe

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
4193d ago

I bet you his wedding and honeymoon were paid for by PokerStars if he would wear their he did :) Seems like his gf/wife didn't even dress up at all...are they dating for a while? Or do you think she wants him for his $$$?