"Don't Listen to Phil Hellmuth: Correcting The Worst Pieces Of Poker Advice You've Ever Heard"

Dusty "Leatherass" Schmidt has just announced his latest instructional poker book. Nearly 450 pages in length, it is written by Dusty and co writer Paul Hoppe.

The part I found interesting was Dusty explaining "while many people think I rose through the limits at a furious pace to become one of the biggest winners in online poker history, the fact is that it took me nearly 3 million hands before I even had a win rate over and above whatever I was able to make in bonus money. And looking back I realize that one of the major reasons for this was that I was looking for advice in all the wrong places.

Guys like Phil Hellmuth, whoever won the WPT event that week, poker TV announcers and a host of other self-proclaimed experts who primarily established their reputations at a time when the games were no where near as tough as they are today, were the ones I was listening to. After all, they were on TV and appeared to be making the big bucks, so the idea of taking their advice didn’t seem so bad to a wannabee like myself who was trying desperately to become good enough to play my way out of my tiny apartment and live the life I always dreamed of.

But what I realize now is that many of these folks don’t have any idea how to beat today’s games. They are often players who may done well at poker at one point, but whose games have not evolved to match the aggression of today’s games. Sure, there were some like Phil Hellmuth who were once great players, but many of them simply got lucky at a couple of final tables and were able to build reputations for themselves that far exceeded what they really deserved."

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