Vanessa Rousso selling her Lambourghini on eBay

After buying the year old Lambourghini, and owning it for less than a year, Vanessa Rousso is selling her childhood dream car. The asking price is$126,500 and only has been driven 12,875 miles.


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Damn she's hot! (I mean her) as for the lambo... is she broke? Tongue out

vlady002 Silver 3
4185d ago

the car isn;t make to by drive by girls ! :> is make to be drive by boys !:> :))...and maybe she wanna money no the car, we can see this because she drive only 12 K milles :) just 1 year ! to little for a car just like that !

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
4184d ago

Why is the pricetag so low for the lambo? I'm tempted to buy it for that price. Although insurance and gas would be deadly and the maintenance. But that would be sick to own for that price..does Vanessa come with the car?


PF_pitboss Platinum 3
4184d ago

I think it retailed for $170k new, she bought it for about $126k herself after it was a year old or so, and looking to get her money back out of it after having fun driving it for a year.

ovk18rus Silver 1
4184d ago

Now everyone will sell something? Lamborghini, bracelets etc. Smile That is new trend? Laughing

bum_bar Silver 1
4184d ago

hahaha everyone is selling maybe there is a high stakes tournament so they are collecting money :DDD

PF_Mark Bronze 3
4183d ago

Very Nice Ride! It amazes me at some of the things people put on ebay and they sell. I mean most wealthy people you would assume wouldn't be buying something on ebay. But I guess internet sales are the new thing :) I'd love to drive a lambo but not pay for it, the gas, insurance and upkeep ;)

ovk18rus Silver 1
4178d ago

It is simply. Christmas and New Year are coming. Need some money for gifts Smile

ggpokergg Bronze 1
4161d ago

Don't know whether I should look at the girl o the car... :D