$3k-$6k LHE table created and deleted quickly on Full Tilt

Only recently created at the request of IHateJuice, the German LHE specialist, the $3k-$6k LHE tables on Full Tilt have been deleted.  Patrik Antonius and IHateJuice had been having some epic LHE battles on the $2k-$4k LHE tables, with Antonius winning hundreds of thousands from IHateJuice.  But within days of having the new tables open, IHateJuice requested the tables close and stated that he was unhappy.

"Really sad and frustrating things are happening at this table. I don't want this kind of publicity for the game, so I asked FTP to delete it again.

As I said, I didn't expect things to turn out like this. It seems like some people forget about everything including their morals and respect for other players when it comes to those stakes.

I highly doubt there is any collusion going on, but the bumhunting and angleshooting really kills the game." - Hasu


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