Gus Hansen

I have been very critical on Gus Hansen in my few posts, but seems like he is back on track but like I said in my post it is tournaments.


He is having his best year in 2010 in tournaments and have cooled down on cash tables... no wonder why...


I celebrate for Gus... hope he keeps on understanding where his talent is.

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Do you have a recap on how he did in 2010 (how much profit etc he made etc)? I know he was having a rough time at some point.

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
4164d ago

He has a very unorthodoc style of poker so he has a lot bigger swings up and down. So maybe he will learn to control his game more and then he wouldn't have ot deal with so many highs and lows. Althoguh the high are always nice ;)

ggpokergg Bronze 1
4161d ago

I use Pokerpages to checkout stuff like that. Here is a link to Gus Hansen's profile:


should help :)

blaobaer Bronze 1
4110d ago

He sure is brave after those enormous losses he has incurred online against Durrrr and others. I still assume he is a bit of gabolholic. He would be a bit better off taking it easier at the highest stakes and focus on tournaments where he is god.