Bad poker room support

Have anyone has this problem,  I signed up to a poker room that said that I already had an account there I have 3 email addresses and I could not find them there, when I was looking for customer service on there own website it was impossible to find?


It was partypoker,  so I am even unable to ask them what is going on, I have never ever played on party poker but wanted to try it on, but they did not allow it, so if someone knows the support of party poker I would be more then happy to receive it.


Poker rooms should have an easy easy access to online help.  Poker stars, Full tilt and actually betmost are an example to follow in the poker industry, I hate iPoker like the cancer in my lungs but I still put my money there because they are customer friendly.

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steel69 Bronze 3
4000d ago

I have had some similar issues after signing up with new poker rooms claiming I already have an account. A complete farce because I never did but I did however have accounts on their network. ipoker has never given me an issue when using other rooms but I am not happy with the support that is provided. Sometimes I have to send 3 emails before I get the most pathetic response from the childish support.

The support that is provided from PI is the best support I have ever had, they always get back to me and they have an extreme flexibility that keeps me connected to them. If you cant find their support than I suggest not playing with them at all.

ScorpsRule69 (betmost name)

steel69 (PI name)

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3999d ago

Good customer service is a challenge for all sites as there are so many different issues to address.  I find being patient and polite will usually get you to your goal, but when they are difficult, you have to show them reprecussions, but leaving or taking business elsewhere.  That they usually respect.

motriuc Silver 1
3999d ago

me.on william hill i was reffer from a site.i get a mail from that site i can play in a private tourney of 1000$,aprox 100 players.and wh rejected me from list because in that moment my bankroll was 0....there was no  requirment for your money...i closed account on wh

boleSt Silver 2
3998d ago

Good for u!

Would done the same, hate where there is no req on the promo, but when u register and start to play all of a sudden there is a req.

Foot in mouth

ggpokergg Bronze 1
3996d ago

Unfortunately I think that they do this on purpose, they WANT for things to be more complicated so that they can have more control over what is going on. This is a bit shady overal, but it is true for almost any room except pokerstars :)