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The other day I was playing at PokerStars, sat down at an Omaha table 9 handed.  Now I am not a big Omaha player and this post is not because I lost which I did 13¢ to be exact, nor is it about the two other players who may or may not have been colluding or playing together.  Rather it is about the potential of it and how to spot it.  And actually the particular game is not relevant it just happened that I played Omaha.

These 2 players were seated in seats 1 and 5 for all intents and purposes, why you ask, well it creates an ideal split of the table 4 players between one way and 3 the other.  It is this split that is important not actual seat #'s.  What the players do is try and isolate players between them.  Look for one to either limp in or min raise first.  Now if there are any callers that come along in this first split look for potential villian #2 to min raise back. This will either isolate the original player between villans 1 and 2 or if any other player remaining calls it gives villan 1 the opportunity to re-raise and isolate this player, either way look for a raise from villan #1.  Remember they are trying to isolate one player and build a pot.  This should give you an idea of what to look for pre flop.

After they isolate there player and the flop is dropped.  When one of them bets, they have improved, if the other villan calls it means nothing, they don't want to scare out the other player, a raise from the second villan means he hit as well.  They are trying to build the pot and with the player trapped between them bet raise and 'whipsaw' through this trapped opponent.

That should give you a good enough idea of something to look for.  Note this action won't happen all the time, but when one has a playable and there is a weaker player in the pot.

The reason I even bring this up is because of the table I sat down at.  Two of the other eight were chatting away no big deal.  After seeing these 2 players play many pots together, but not against each if you know what I mean(soft play).  I noticed that they would play at any third player in a hand.  I had even been in a couple of hands against them myself.  Someone at the table had called a moderator and the standard warning about chat was issued, this is where it gets quite funny.  This is a full table of 9 players, anyway the mod wishes us good luck and is gone.  Which is when I say " good thing they weren't looking for collusion."  Up till now I honestly didn't think they were cheating but just that something was off.  And as I didn't say it too either villan1 or villan2, but rather to the whole table as a joke, imagine my surprise when you should speak up all defensive and what not, but villan1 and villan2.  None of the other 6 players at the table said anything but them.  Yet the whole table had been talking. Hmmm.  So I kept chatting about being a noob to Omaha drop a wow comment here and there to let them know I was impressed when they 'whipsawwed' through someone.  About 10-15 min after my initial comment about collusion, I sit out to start a tournament or two, when I see them set up someone.  I type in didn't see that coming playing up my noob image and they both chirp off about that they aren't colluding.  As they bust another player, probably the fourth since I sat down.  I also do a player search and find them again sitting in this 4/3 split.

Now I don't know about you but if someone makes a comment in general about cheating and doesn't mention me, I am not offended nor do I feel the need to defend myself.  Also how is it that the 2 players to respond to my comment are the 2 I suspect, like I said none of the remaining six players felt the need to defend themselves.  So I ask your opion(s) do you think they were cheating and second if someone makes an indirect comment about cheating are you going to start defending yourself even though you weren't accused?


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pulpi007 Bronze 3
3702d ago

raked hand race cheats 2 man Embarassed

alesulll123 Gold 1
3517d ago

On all the sites you will se cheaters on the tables....they make everything to make money