Careful what name you select

I heard about the interesting story of a high stakes player on Full Tilt.

He is a top German Fixed-Limit specialist that had gone by the name "IHateJuice."  He had played Patrik Antonius winning and losing hundreds of thousands.  As his infamy and attention grew, Full Tilt approached him to change his username because it was too similar to "I hate jews."  He has since changed his name to Kagome Kagome, which is the name of a Japanese children's game. He upset one of his opponents, who suspected that he was trying to deceive him with the new name to get more action, but it was actually Full Tilt that insisted on the change.

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szakiz Silver 1
3941d ago

Sorry if I wrong!

But I think that fixed limit players are a no long run (success) players

Of course high stakes are more commercial things.


People nowadays see racism etc everywhere... hope your name looks like X you should not be allowed to do so. Oh really? Sometimes I wonder, people seeing such similarity between names should really ask themselves if its not them the problem and not the other guy who simply put a name without any intention...

pulpi007 Bronze 3
3936d ago

Full tilt according to me correct a debate would not be liked