How's this for a poker flight lineup?

Yesterday I started seeing Tweets from various high profile poker players who were heading down to Australia on first class Virgin Atlantic for the Aussie Millions event in Melbourne.

Check out this lineup of players on the flight.  Think some kind of high stakes game broke out?  What stakes?

Tom Dwan

Andy Bloch

David Benyamine

Peter Jetten

Justing "BoostedJ" Smith

Dan "Jungleman12" Cates

Sorel Mizzi

Faraz Jaka

Gabe Patgorski

Austin Owen

Josh Tekesky

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axistilt23 Silver 2
3251d ago

Yeah I can only imagine... I'd love to see a game with crazy prop bets, like a tournament where the first player out has to sky dive from the plane or some other crazy scenarios. I'd love to be on a plane and have a super high stakes game break out!!!

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3251d ago

I saw tweets upon landing today that Dwan, Jetten and Mizzi played Battleship, and Justin Smith and David Benyamine played Rummy.  No word of high stakes poker going on, probably saving it up for Melbourne.


hehe yep the guys probably saved their games for the Aussie Millions.. Rummy is kinda fun to be honest you guys ever played?