erik seideL ON FIRE

Seidel has been playing at an amazing high level in January. he won the $250k buy-in earlier this month; That $2.5 million dollar cash prize moved him to the number 3 spotboff the all time money winners board. Seidel won $3.4 Million in January. Seidel trades Phil IVey and Daniel Negreanu on the all-time money winners list

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77timmy1986 Silver 2
3679d ago

Sorry a few mistakes that could confuse some people the first mess up was supposed to say a top.... the last one was supposed to say that seidel "trails Ivey and Negreanu"

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3679d ago

Trailing doesn't matter..making that kind of money is GREAT and even being on that list is an accomplishment. No need to get too greedy and want to be on top :-p

stewzom Silver 2
3678d ago

nice winnings lets hope he can hang onto them the rest of the year

motriuc Silver 1
3678d ago

a tournament with 250k buyin is safteyby the fish,,,i mean dont think someone on that tourneu makeit acall on 4bb raise with 75 for exWink

Kflushed Silver 1
3676d ago

That is a hell of a run,$5.9 in cash.He really makes a living from poker ,and also #3 spotboff really makes him a respected poker player:)