Score one for the old guys!!!

In the past ten years there has just been an explosion of young players winning tournaments and making final table, but David Gorr won one for the old guys at the Aussie Millions  main event. the 68-year old won $1.9 million.

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SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3237d ago

Well you gota think the majority of player nowadays are younger players...and live tournaments take its pretty standard its mostly younger guys. Plus the older guys don't need the money ;)

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3237d ago

Yeah, Aussies have won it the last three years, against the big pros flying in from out of town.  An older guy won the EPT Deauville event too. I think he owned some pest removal company in Paris.  Someone recently argued it wasn't the age, so much as the sheer numbers of younger players that they are bound to win most events.

I heard that WSOP is putting in a 10 level hard cap for all their events this summer.  So there won't be the same marathons of years past.  Will that help the oldies????

somnorosu Silver 1
3236d ago

I think the majority of young players come from online poker and they are very good


Pretty sure it might help the olders a little (new wsop structure) although it will still be long tournaments it can get exhausting for some of them.