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Poker is not a ordinary game. Poker is not some sort of widget that comes with easy to assemble instructions. There are a wide variety of games with different rules and strategies.It is purely a mind game in which each and every step has to played very carefully.When you start knowing the tricks of the game then you can be at the top of the game.Poker is one of the best source to earn money in internet.For each and every game you win you can start counting your money.
There are so many young talents you can play the poker extraordinarily, but due to the lack of knowledge in the internet they do not engage themselves in this play.Here is the best opportunity for all poker lover to play.It is resource for poker where you can learn and earn the money.If you are looking for Online Poker Bonus, this is the right place.They pay you money for just signing up with them.
It is not like other poker site where you have invest to play.The poker bonus is meant to bring players to the poker site by offering them free money.The provide you the code with which you can avail for the poker play.The code they have provided creates lot of security to the players.The registered players can play the game securely with them.They provide points for each and every game you win.You can also redeem these points in the Poker stars online store or by entering selected tournaments. They do offer a reload bonus from time to time.

Full Tilt are cap limit games which are played identically to pot-limit or no-limit games, except that the total amount a player can bet in any single hand is capped at 30 times the big blind.So it is one best game in poker to earn lot and lot of money.

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10 entries to WSOP contest!!! THere is a contest to get 10 free wsop tickets!!!

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All In - The Poker Movie PREMIERE  


Hi Poker Community,

I'd like to inform you about the premiere of All In - The Poker Movie, this weekend at Cinema Village in New York City. We have special panels and guests including Chris Moneymaker, Phil Laak, and the film's director Doug Tirola who will be answering questions after the screenings.

Please check out the official website for the trailer and more information:

Tickets are available at the following link:
http://27.formovietickets.com:2235/T...a te=20120324

Thanks so much, hope you can make it out!
4th Row Films

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Andrey Pateychuk Continues 2011 Hot Streak Russian poker pro Andrey Pateychuk just won the WPT Prague Main Event and over $630,000. The victory comes on the heelsof his 15th place finish in the WSOP Main Event and a win at the EPT San Remo in October. http://www.pokerinside.com/content/news/andrey-pateychuk-wins-wpt-prague-main-event

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Over 20 Players Plan on Competing in $1 million buy-in. To be considered an official WSOP event the field must have at least 22 entrants. That is how many people have currently committed to a potential $1 million buy-in for next years World Series. The winner will receive almost 9 million dollars and maybe a platinum bracelet. Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan and Johnny Chan are among the big names who have said they will compete.

11% of the prize pool will be donated to charity and the 10% rake that the casino takes for hosting events will be waved.

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Heinz Profile I didn't know much about the WSOP main event champion Pius Heinz. I did some research and found a profile on him. It doesn't talk to much about him outside of the realm of poker and mostly focuses on his online style and transitioning to making live reads. check it out if you're interested. http://espn.go.com/poker/story/_/id/7115622/november-nine-profile-pius-heinz-stayed-focused-run-wsop-main-event-final-table

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PokerStars Sponsors German Soccer Stadium PokerStars recently paid to have their name on the stadium of a German soccer team. I wonder how much they had to pay... That seems like a smart investment to me. http://www.pokerinside.com/content/news/pokerstars-to-sponsor-german-football-stadium.

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November's Best I saw the post yesterday that listed the best players in October and just saw that they've posted November's list, so I thought I'd share it with you guys and discuss the differences.

1. Mercier

2. Seidel

3. Katchalov

4. Lamb

5. Trickett

6. Buchanan

7. Grospellier

8. Moorman

9. Cody

10. Hellmuth

Thu, 01 Dec 2011 11:14:54 -0600 http://www.pokerforum.net/discussions/6111:novembers-best http://www.pokerforum.net/discussions/6111:novembers-best 77timmy1986 77timmy1986
Trickett wins in Partouche Sam Trickett won 1 million euros at the Partouche Main Event. The 25-year-old has taken the number one spot on England's all-time torunament winnings list. http://www.pokerinside.com/forums/poker-articles-stories-22/sam-trickett-wins-in-partouche-4410177.html

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