How do u maintain ur patience throughout a game?

Patience is an important element in poker if you don't have it you might get out of a tournament sooner than you expected.i usually get bored when i play poker online, so my solve for this problem is to play on several tables at a time ,and if i have an important tourney which i want to win ,i focus on that one.I'd like you to share some info about your "strategy" here:)How do u maintain ur patience throughout a game?


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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3823d ago

It is sometimes hard to be patient when you see other players splashing it around and getting lucky, but you will often see impatient players bust out prematurely while patient players who play quality hands will last longer.  So that should be experiential support for being patient.

Kflushed Silver 1
3822d ago

You are definetly right:)it still requires a good strategy and some experience to know ,and to practice this:) Bullies are at all tournaments and when you see them going all in with 58 offsuit,and win,there is some temptation to "use" their playstyle..


axistilt23 Silver 2
3822d ago

When I start seeing hands that I can't play for a sustained period and I feel like I'm getting impatient i try to occupy my mind by talking to other players. I'm generally an out going person so striking up a conversation takes my focus off the fact that I'm not playing. I don't do it disrespectfully or to get under anyone's skin, I just like to hear where people are from, what they do, etc... Of course this doesn't work online

stewzom Silver 2
3821d ago

listen to some sounds or take a break.

boleSt Silver 2
3821d ago

this has been my problem also...i start off very well but after 2hours of playing it seems i'm not so patient and i get busted with semi bluf or something

somnorosu Silver 1
3819d ago

i think is just a mindset thing...if you want to be a winner poker player you have to be focus 100% every time...

motriuc Silver 1
3819d ago

im thinkin:ok,in 1 minute another hand is startedLaughing

carlytos11 Bronze 3
3819d ago

I usually try 4 tables ,chat on facebook/messenger and good music to my ears:)  it works,but when i got a really bad badbeat i really need to take a break..