Traffic, Gameplay, and Overall Rating.

Has anyone here actually tried FatBet poker? How is the level of play there and have you had any problems with them?

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ricky_roman Bronze 1
4725d ago

Guys... anything on Fatbet?

jackbliss Silver 1
4725d ago

I've found fatbet poker to be  a great site to make some cash at the NL tables. The gameplay is very loose, over aggressive and quite easy to read.

The graphics are nice, although the overall gameplay could be faster, I still enjoy the site.  They've recently changed the rakeback requirements as well, no longer do you have to rake a minimum of $100 before you're entilted to your cut of the %50, which for a smaller stakes player like me is awsome!

Support is also a weak part of their services, don't expect an e-mail back from them very fast, apparantly they're working on this issue.

For a newer site though I still enjot Fatbet Poker!


I found fatbet to be a pretty easy site as well, lots of euros in there willing to push with any Ace of hearts-rag. The beats still happen because of this but hey I'll take the races any day, the numbers don't lie!