Are these big stakes?

Tom "durrrr" Dwan tweeted from Macua where he has been quietly playing big stakes live poker lately.

"Played a few more hands of 10k20k nl today... I was in nit mode tho- I was never the 20k straddle (luckily didn't have the choice lol)"

Those are the blinds, meaning a standard 100 blind buy-in would be $2 million and I assume they were deeper than that.

Thats big!

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somnorosu Silver 1
3898d ago

they  win  a lot  of money from chineze comi=unists....

motriuc Silver 1
3898d ago

anyway,my ideea is that money is not personal money,they are sponsorships,and in this case you play everything

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3898d ago

It is personal money...but obviously they want to take money from wealthy rich business men. As in most cases $2mil to thsoe guys is nothing and the poker pros it might be a good size of their bankroll but its easy money for the most part. Not sure how people could play that high in stakes but whatever floats their boats.

boleSt Silver 2
3897d ago

Yea it seems a little extreme, but there are people who like poker and are rich, poker isn't fun if u don't care about the money u are playing, they don't play tourneys where first get for example 20k$ it is too mouch trouble for money they don't care about, 2mil$ on the other hand is something they probably care about :)


Agree with Smoke on that one... in these big games pros are mainly targeting buisnessman playing poker almost like it was a ''taxes deduction'' or something so they get some money ''easily'' if I should say instead of battling another pro player.

csofke Silver 1
3890d ago

they have a lot of money and they does not even feel when they loose 500k money....