this Ipoker is so unreal . . . .why only here you lose so stupid ? . .. ..

from december after i made some cashout this site is so unfriendly with me , i play tournaments , cash game , and i don't hit nothing . i was into flush draw into flop and nothing hit till river:| . .. AQ me vs A T , flop show T 8 5 ( 3 black ) . . . nothing into turn or river . . .Q or black .  .

and into tournament i play but i don't get any good card wich i can play, when i get poket of QQ or JJ or KK all time i lose vs A and small kicker, they hit A into flop or river :-j . . ..i cand give many proof about what i said ! ! . . .. .i think that the site is fixed on me now , and i can't win nothing. .. . .

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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3851d ago

Losing on any site is very frustrating.  I think it's a stretch to say it's rigged against you when others are able to win.  It's just a bad run that will eventually improve.

vlady002 Silver 3
3851d ago

ok , i know to lose , but man from december after i make 2 or 3 cash out i don't win any $ . . . into tournaments or cash money .. . .

into january i win some cash into Fantasy freeroll and after that i lose it all . . . :(

but i know that this losing it's fixed by sistem , . . . . because i make to many withdraw and i don't deposit any money . .. .

Posted by pomppoker on 03/09/2011 6:23PM [ Reply ]

consider yourself a HUGE WINNER if you have been allowed to make even one withdrawal at a poker site without ever depositing as most sites wont have any of it and why should they? Would you give people money over and over without that person contributing a single cent/penny? I know I wouldnt thats for sure. As for cheating well what a crock of shite. The bad publicity, loss of players and possible legal costs would be way way above the amount you think they are cheating you out of. Its a bad run of luck that you are having and thats all it is. If you cant face that fact then maybe its time to stop playing poker and try conkers??

szabby69 Silver 2
3851d ago

A last time i lost with KK,JJ, AK in tournoment. Its all in the 5 hands play.

szabby69 Silver 2
3851d ago

And the last time all always lost vs bad cards. Its my lucky!

motriuc Silver 1
3850d ago

partypoker is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3850d ago

Withe poker you have cold streaks and you have hot streaks. Sadly the mind plays tricks on us and we only remember the cold streaks. It's a common myth amongst lots of poker players that if they cashout they won't be able to win. Sadly its simply not true as there's lot of big guys I know that cashout a lot of money a lot and it doesn't play affect on them. Its just a matter of variance. Good luck at the tables!


Posted by vlady002 on 03/09/2011 10:43AM [ Reply ]

like i said , into last year 2010 from september till december i make 5 cash out ! . . .

vlady002 Silver 3
3849d ago

i have 3 month wonderfull and after that i have 3 month so unreal . . .i hope to finish this bad luck . . .:)

Posted by alesulll123 on 03/14/2011 4:25AM [ Reply ]

The sites punish you after some widraw...I know this from myself.I`m in the same position like you.But if you play good you will always win on future.

somnorosu Silver 1
3845d ago

its just a downswing..its gona end one day

vlady002 Silver 3
3843d ago

hell yeah ! the losing  is end ! i start again to win some $ ;)) . and into river i win some decisive hands :O:O me AT vs AQ , flop 3 2 4 , turn 7 river T :) . . .

and there was some good hands get AA  , get 55 make four of a kind :> :) . i can say that my bad luck is end :) i hope so

Noxwin Bronze 2
3841d ago

what is the prob?:D so many donk in tournaments and playing all hands with bad 9,4 or 7,2...

Bingo players:D

Last updated: 03/18/2011 9:21AM

I think PokerStars is the worst ..Who plays there knows

szakiz Silver 1
3834d ago

My worst experience is with i-poker and merge network.

just take a look when at i-poker you are waiting for river, more times needed like at other dealing....start thinking about it