what rooms are the best?

What rooms do you guys play at the most and why? I prefer Ipoker, lots of aces come and the competiton is weak at the lower N/L levels

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I play at betmost on ipoker and also pokerstars
I presently spend most of my my at BetMost (mostly for my Team @PI). I find the action to be (in one word that can be printed here) CRAZY!!! I try not to expose to much BR there, but for some reason when I play at CDPoker (which is on the same network) I have better success?! I found the same situation between PokerRoom & Hollywood, no matter how I played on PokerRoom I couldn't get anywhere, but when I started on Hollywood, I had a great run (& I still play there occationally). But I tend to like smaller rooms, it's harder to get some sng action at certian times, but the insanity of the larger rooms isn't there. Lately I've been play (as a break from BM) at a newer room call MintedPoker. There's never more than a couple 1000 players online so far (Usually when there's a free roll going). They accept US players and the best thing I like is that when you get sick of the dealer, you can just "push" them off the table!! I also play at another small room that I popped my poker cherry at, call Tiger, it's an older room with little selection of games, terrible graphics, and when the Free rolls start it almost crashes thier servers,(lol)but I have fun playin in their WSOP steps (they're very cheap.05-.10 starting buy-ins) & they have numerous freerolls (but they all have rebuys/add-ons???) that allows players to rebuild BR's without depositting (being the cheap bugger that I am). I play at a few others depending on what promos they send me (FTP & NBC's HU comp was a good 1 & Pacifc & Sportsnet's WSoP last month was a good 1 too!) GNUF has numerous FR's & different types as well and every once in a while I'll play there, thing I like about them is (like PS) you can upload your own avitar.
azzadinebahi Bronze 1
4616d ago
yes I play there as well mother, I agree there are far too many crazy players there at times tho thank you for the information on the other rooms :)
iamthatgood Bronze 2
4616d ago
I play at ftp, bm poker as pokerstars
milood Bronze 2
4616d ago
I got free money for betmost poker and lost it, deposited a few more times with less than good results. I'm fairly new to poker but I do enjoy the gameflow of betmost.
Usually whoever has the best deposit bonus at a certain time, I have a lot of sites on my computer at the moment.
southsidecan Gold 2
4616d ago
I prefer full-tilt as i find the players dont go all in as compared to party poker ,they seem to study their opponents before they go nuts,pokerstars is also a good except if ur play there freerolls which i think they allow way to many players to participate ,also play at betmost
DuvelS Bronze 1
4592d ago
I play on BetMost and for really big tournaments I go to PokerStars.
KKrock911 Bronze 2
4572d ago

The first 3years Pokerstars.... And the last 2years BetMost!!

I like to play the MEmber Tourneys!! Really nice....

berni911 Bronze 1
4572d ago

I think Pokerstars is the best!

cplbear16 Silver 1
4572d ago

i play mostly at betmost but my secondary site is cake it has alot of loose players and not too many in the tourneys not so many bad beats

most of my play is at betmost still as they have the best tournament structures and love the team EH

gilou59140 Bronze 2
4571d ago

i play on betmost,titan,cdpoker...

henlin0107 Bronze 1
4570d ago

i also like betmost but i also play lot on betsson.Fulltilt,pokerstars and the other big sites aren`t so good as these in my opinion

Posted by coelhopoker on 05/31/2009 7:34AM [ Reply ]

I think that the best rooms to win some money are the new sites. They have excelent deposit promotions and huge freerolls. Actually, im play in cool hand poker and poker rewards

Jesipy Bronze 1
4126d ago

I recently started playing at realdealpoker i was a pokerstars player but same crap as every one else bad beats over like aks pushed all in by a 24o and loose not going back there so i looked around and found realdealpoker thay have auto card shufflers that you can watch at http://www.realdealpoker.com/template/realdealpoker/webcam.php

also RealDealPoker gave me 5 euro FREE

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check it out at least its a free 5 bucks