poker room take over

info for anyone here who has a account at poker4green,logged in only to find no tournies listed.presumed that the room had went bust.made a few enquiries and was told that they were being taken over .hope no one here had any cash tied up there.hard to believe they will be back but you never know.

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If they were doing well maybe a big room or network bought them to had them on their network...

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3957d ago

What did they say about your funds? Were you able to cashout? Was their a timeframe in which you would be able to access them or play on the new room? Usually its 24-48 hours MAX between when your account was locked and when you're set-up with the new room. Best of luck!


stewzom Silver 2
3957d ago

not able to contact word from them.not got a lot there anyway.

boleSt Silver 2
3956d ago

wouldn't hope much...probably they are busted or some takeover from some bigger site.