Riveting pic from OBL raid

Not poker related, but riveting picture of the situation room at the White House during the raid in Pakistan to get Osame Bin Laden.

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Why all their computers are closed/black?

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3793d ago

Smoething fishy is going on when they're not willing to show a picture orr any solid evidence that he's actually dead.


 The latest story coming from Hilary Clinton is that she wasn't shocked about what she was seeing, but she was having an "allergy attack" (this pix was supposedly taken as the one chopper went down) , ya ok, w/e...

 As for the blacked out comp screens..."National Security issue" that's why the photo is blurred on HC's LP as well (I believe it's a satellite shot of the compound) ...

I'm on the fence about releasing the death photos, no matter what they do it's a NWS (no win situation), release it & there will still be a percentage of people that believe it was "Photo-shopped" & he was "ghosted" away or was placed there by the CIA after he was found (dead) in a cave in Afghanistan to discredit Pakistan's govt.
 There's also the theory about what "Blow-back*" it might cause among al-Qaeda...Oh sure, the possibility of a "rogue" nuke is something to be wary of!
 Has anyone ever seen the movie with Sean Connery, "Wrong is Right"?!  Life imitating art? Gawd I hope not!

Watch for WikiLeaks to release more intel on this issue soon!


Posted by mothersquatch on 05/05/2011 1:13PM [ Reply ]