Lock Poker Pro Admits Wrongdoing

The latest Lock Poker Pro, Jose "Girah" Macedo apparently had won the month long Lock Poker Pro contest with thousands of dollars in compensation.

Lock Poker did an audit of his account and determined an irregularity.

Macedo came forward and explained that his backer had played one evening on his account and lost money, but that was against the rules of the contest to allow anyone else to play on their account, so he's disqualified.

He seems like a nice young kid, and was accepting of responsibility for the mess-up, but it continues to amaze me the scandals and careless decision making that goes on.

"I just wanted to say that I am deeply sorry that all of this has happened and that I have let down the people who supported me and showed me their love. I do not intend to let something like this happen again. Yes, I am young, I’m only 18 so I can be a bit stupid sometimes, but I nonetheless take full responsibility for my mistakes and will do my best in the future that people will be able to place their trust in me as a poker player. I apologize for everything that I have done, and I hope that I will be able to prove myself again to my supporters as trustworthy and deserving of the love that they have given me."

His backer lost $35k on his account and he still won the month long contest with a net $110k plus profit. The 18 year old can play.

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PF_Simon Gold 3
3786d ago

At least he didn't end up in the minus... but a bit stupid to let your friend play with 30K$+