Erik “Rolex” Boneta Caught Importing Fake Rolexes

Erik "Rolex" Boneta, who is featured on this seasons' High Stakes Poker show has been caught trying to illegally import "gray market" or otherwise fake Rolex watches from Hong Kong and then selling them for much higher prices as real Rolexes in the U.S.

Goneta has agreed to forfeit over $1.9 million worth of illegally imported Rolex watches and to pay a $325,000 penalty.

Boneta tried to bring in the “gray market” Rolex watches from Hong Kong through John F. Kennedy International Airport when the law enforcement noticed the illegal watches.

Boneta attempted to sell the cheap watches in USA for much higher price. After the shipment was seized, Homeland Security Investigation agents conducted an investigation to Boneta’s offices and seized in excess of 200 Rolex watches and hundreds of other watch parts.

“Our goal is to put an end to the ability of companies like Boneta, Inc., to perpetrate such illegal conduct,” said James T. Hayes, Jr., Special Agent-in-Charge of HSI in New York.

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SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3820d ago

It's really sad what the world has come too and how much money influences the way people act and what they do in order t o try and get it :(

axistilt23 Silver 2
3819d ago

No jail time or anything? I mean I understand that he paid back a lot of money and then had an extra 325,000 in penalty fees, but I feel like he should have got some jail time.