The New Heroin...a non-poker rant!

This rant has been brewing in me over the last couple of months, but in the last week I've almost exploded several times!!!

 It started to get to me on a Sunday when I was shopping @No-Frills, I'm walking through the dairy dept (trying to manoeuvre through empty milk cartons stacked all over the floor) & I see an employee trying to operate a pump-truck with his armpit while attempting to text (with both headphones in his ears) with both I point out to him that it isn't the greatest idea to multi-task while operating a pump-truck.  He looked at me like I was from another planet?! I walked away shaking my head...Next I'm in the frozen foods isle & I almost get knocked over by another employee who's got his BB in both hands, now I'm just steaming! So I go to CS & ask to speak to the "Boss". The woman ask who I wanted to talk to & I pointed out that I didn't expect the owner to be here @1pm on a Sunday, but I would like to speak to his representative, so she pages "Eric". A couple of minutes go by then I see a well groomed young man come up...I told him of my problem & the possible consequences if someone doesn't put a stop to this (ie: accidents, lack of focus, poor work ethics, messes). I said that I remember how I was in my youth, but this is a law suit in the works if one of his employees bumps into a senior & hurts them! Again I get this look, what planet are you from?!

 Next day I'm on my way to the corner where I'm a crossing guard, I can't get 100 yards from my door when I'm almost ran over by someone who ran a red light while they are their cellphone! I get to my corner just to see 4 more driving through a school zone texting while driving in the first 5 mins!!!
 Now everywhere I look I see people walking, riding bikes, driving, doing pretty much anything with their heads down looking into a little screen thumbs wiggling to and fro (this morning it was a kid on a skateboard)...the worst was 4 HS girls walking together all texting each other!

 Now I read about the TSB is going to allow texting in schools? WTF?!?

 We have a Premier who thinks it's a good idea?!


 Mind you he has also said that he can't make people put snow tires on their cars in winter & that top level govt employees need to be paid as well or better than private sector too...this from a former teacher?!

 We have people that can't have a 10 min conversation without having to pull out their Cellphones to reply to a "Tweet" or FB postings...I'm thinking that Roger Waters had it right...We've "Amused our selves to death"!!!

 If you find yourself texting more than 10 times in a day...I'm sorry to say YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!!,or.&fp=eaa4a052aff93fc9


This is from a study published in the Economist....


The human brain has to work harder to process language and communication with somebody who is not physically present. (Conversation with passengers is much less distracting, apparently because those passengers are also aware of the traffic situation and moderate their conversation.) A study by Carnegie Mellon University using brain imaging found that merely listening to somebody speak on the phone led to a 37% decrease in activity in the parietal lobe, where spatial tasks are processed. This suggests that hands-free use of mobile phones cannot help much. Such distractions, according to one study, make drivers more collision-prone than having a blood-alcohol level of .08%, the legal limit in America. It appears to raise the risk of an accident by four times. Texting multiplies the risk by several times again.


I wish this "rant" made me feel better, but sadly it hasn't & I feel that I or one of "my" kids will be killed by someone who is too F"n" selfish!!!


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SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3786d ago

Sadly this is true. Cell phones are a great thing if they're used correctly and responsibly. Sald people have to use them to keep in touch with friends, work, emails and such instead of sitting infront of a computer. But you're absolutely correct in saying there's a time and place for them to be used. And definately a time and place for them not to be used (driving, working, dealing with heavy machinery, etc...)

I do agree that it has becoming someone of the new heroin...and there are tons and tons of people that are addicted to their phone, facebook, twitter, etc... It is becoming an epidemic and lots of people don't see it. I mean you'll find younger and younger kids with cell phones that cost $200-$500. The problem is all they're using the phones for is for texting and communicating with friends that are usually a stoen throw away. Its adding to the obesity problem in the world and is really taking a bite out of social activities and socializing in general. It's really sad to see...and the problem is its creating a new language that the young generation are using in school papers and in ever day talk.

It's definately gotta be treated with a happy median. Cell phones can be a blessing in disguise but they can truely be the evil in someone lifes too.


 This is worse than sad, this is scarring the stuff out of me!

Go by a High school @ lunch or dismissal & you'll see hundreds of kids stand with their cells in their hands texting, if they were smoking, there would be screams from all, but the govts get their cut (in taxes) from this which helps explain why (in Ont) they are considering to allow this in class!
 The school I work at I now see gr 4 & 5 kids with nicer cell phones than mine! I have a young mother who while she waits for her kid can not stop texting while talking to me (usually 4+ in the 10 mins or longer she is standing there).
 Now I'm going to get a little conspiratorial (my tin hat is just tingling atm)...where does this go from here? In 10 yrs does Little Billy gets his first cell on his first day of nursery school? The baby's first word will be Google? Laws requiring everyone to carry a phone @ all times?  In some European countries you can use your phone to buy from vending machines...look how fast we got to this point?

No more pencils, no more books ,no more teachers dirty looks! Well, we got no class and we got no principals we ain't got no intelligence We can't even think of a word that rhymes!

(Alice Cooper's School's Out...I had to download a copy of the lyrics for the principal @the school when I asked if they wanted to play it on the last day, like we did back in the "old days", she was too young to know it! )

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."
  Ronald Reagan 

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atula7 Silver 1
3785d ago

very interesting!

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3784d ago

Agree its becoming an epedemic. Problem is there's so much bad in the world now that its setting up for a terrible future in my mind. Just like video games have taken away a lot from kids playing in the parks and outside. Lots of them are staying indoors and doing nothing. Socializing has become a thing of the past except for FB, Messenger, Forums, Twitter. Lots and lots more people are doing less or getting together to hangout and just becoming more independent.

Also, the day of one person working while the other can stay at home has come to an end nearly. As the economy and the cost of living is to a point where its pretty much a necessity for both individuals to work. It almost seems like all we're doing in today's world is working to pay bills and not really being able to enjoy life the way it was intended.