Changing times for press at WSOP

I've had the opportunity to have a press pass at the World Series of Poker in previous years.  Each year the rules change, some for the better but many for the worse.

This year's rule changes:

1. No press many talk to a seated player at a table.

2. No press may stay at a single table for more than 5 minutes out of each 30 minutes.

3. No press (except ESPN employees) will be allowed to play in any bracelet events.

The third one was an unwritten rule that suddenly was found out today and is being reconsidered in the light of the Twitter hailstorm that ensued. The poker media are traditionally underpaid and overworked over the 6 week series so any further erosion of money-making or fun-making opportunities to play would be unjust.

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Well PB now you know how us small players feel about the changes that have been going on @ iPoker, EH?!

 We used to be able to talk to players on other tables (not anymore), we used to be able to play in all the vip's (not anymore), we used to get several loyalty FR's for our past play(from over $25,000 monthly to $11,000 in my case), we used to be able to cash in our points (some players I know lost between 100,000 to almost 1,000,000 with the change)...

 So everyone has to give a little, so I guess "the press" will have to set-up something on their own (or get a job with ESPN)

77timmy1986 Silver 2
3785d ago

I am an aspiring journalist and these rules seem pretty logical when you consider all the "ethical" restrictions of being an unbiased, neutral observer. The one thing I don't get is why you can only spend 5 minutes at one table. I mean if your assignment is focused on a certain player, or a couple of players that are playing at the same table, then obviously you'd want to spend more time at that table. I get the rule about not talking to a seated player (I covered football for Arizona State University and couldn't imagine talking to a coach or player during the game).

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3785d ago

The poker world is changing day by day. Obviously changes are made because they have to be made...but some changes are made that don't make sense. I mean obviously if a network is adding other benefits or downsizing then they have to rearrange their part of life. If you're not playing a lot or playing low stakes you're not making the site much money and obviously they're running a business not a charity.

In regards to press I'm sure they want to try and get more press coverage over the whole event and not just certain players...and help show that poker is played by many walks of life form top level pros to midstakes grinders, lawyers, accountants, teachers, etc... I think it good if the press can portray this image and hopefully help the US understand that Poker is a game of passion for many and that its a game of skill and a social game. Maybe it will help get rid of some of the bad publicity and unfortunately outcomes for the poker world over the last few years.