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SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3781d ago

Rake is sadly a part of life..I mean poker rooms run a business and need to make its just something we need to leave with. But now that lots of places offer nice benefits it helps ease the affects and pain of rake and basically lowers the amount we end up losing too it :)


Agree with Smoke .. I mean some many rooms offers ways to their players to get some of this rake back.. they run a business why should not they take a cut? Its like if McDonald was giving free burgers all the time.. they need to pay their staffs etc

szabby69 Silver 2
3780d ago

no rake.


@szabby Can you explain me how a poker room is suppose to make money then? Its the same thing as in live poker in casinos, how do you think they pay dealers, servers, software, updates etc... ? If you don't want to pay any rake or commission I suggest you to play at your own house and invite people over, after you have served them drinks for free, that they scratch your nice poker tables, break your toilet etc... I guess you can start charging them rake to cover the house expenses no? =)

atula7 Silver 1
3778d ago

I have no money :(

vlady002 Silver 3
3751d ago

ICalledWithJunk you have right ! but the site had some situation when they must to keep the player into they site ! so with some small sacrifice they keep player , they pay employees and all stuff !

see into betmost poker the promotion of DUSOP ! :)) is so funny , 0.75 cents is buy-in and 0.25 cents is take by site ! so the buy-in is 1 $ and you win 1.50 $ !  2 players X 1 $ each = 2 $ , the winner take 1.5 $ and 0.5 cents goes to the "pot of the promotion , wich is only $2000 

I made a short calculation , after 15 days there are player who play more than 200 game / days !

so let's put only 100 game per day * 10 player * 25 days ( let's say that 5 day aren't play from 30 ) and you will see how much win site !

100*10*25 = 25.000 game played ! wich is 12,500 $ :)) .  but there is more than 300 player who play min. 10 DUSOP Hu into a day .

so 300 player * 10 game /day * 20 days = 30.000 $ :)) and they give only 2.000 $ for top 20 players ! ... rest of 28.000 are pay some rake i don;t think that they pay more than 8.000 $ into rake  , and the rest of them is for site :)

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