AGA pushing their own US legisltion

The American Gaming Association, which represents the interests of the land based U.S. casinos is pushing hard to have their own online poker bill introduced in Congress in the next month or so, according to Frank Fahrenkopf, CEO of AGA.

“We poll every year to get the attitudes of the American people towards gambling,” Fahrenkopf said. “The polls have been very consistent over the past 14 years. We know that 80 to 85 percent of the American people have no problem with any form of gambling, whether it’s for themselves or others. But there is a hardcore 15 percent who are opposed to all forms of gambling, and it’s on religious and moral grounds. You are never going to change those people’s minds. They are opposed, and it is apart of their religious dogma. There are many people in Congress, in both political parties, who are against gaming of any sort. You have those on the far right, who usually tend to be libertarians, take the position that any sort of gambling is a sin, and that they have a duty to protect people and prevent them from spending eternity in hell with the devil.”



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I don't think "libertarians" are the problem here. A Libertarian is for small government, personal responsibility & freedom (check out John Stossel or Penn Jillette to get a better understanding of what a Libertarian is).

 The so called "religious right" while believing that gambling is a vise (see articles in sources) some will call it a sin, but tend to be in the "Puritan" group...they don't have enough support to do this on their own.

Remember it was G.W. Bush (a "Social Conservative") & a landslide majority in House & Senate (409-2) that originally passed the banking change. Also it was the present Administration Pres Obama & AG Holder that put the nail in the online poker coffin! None of which would consider themselves "Libertarians"...

 I think the problem is more with the Progressive Left & know the guys who think they know what is best for everyone! They make up the majority of congress & when they figure out how to get their "piece of the action" either through taxes on winnings or fees on the sites (that get their approval).


motriuc Silver 1
3722d ago

why people can[t do what they want?i think i similar case will be  in the est of europe...its not a free world?

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3722d ago

AS i figured :) It wasn't against online poker...the US has somethign up their sleeve for them to benefit and make money out of online poker :) Just wait and see.


I would not be surprised that the US start their own online poker room, look what Loto-Quebec did in Quebec... now they have their own online poker ... I don't remember which software they took but I think its from Microgaming or something..