New Boom trailer

We've been hearing about Boom, the feature length movie by Ray Firpo, Jay Rosenkrantz and Taylor Caby for months. Set to go in 2012, their first trailer is now up.

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axistilt23 Silver 2
3716d ago

This movie looks pretty sweet, but in the trailer it makes it seem like all you have to do to win money online is log an insane amount of hours. I hope in the movie they show the difficulty of being a consistent winner in the long term. 

SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3716d ago

Clearly its hard to be a winning players consistently bu that's like any form of gambling. But unlike most forms of "gambling" poker has skill involved and the movie needs to portary that to some people this was a job and a form of income and by them basically stoppping it they're adding to the amount of people that will be jobless and incomeless and in need of government support.