Antonius takes on Brandon Adams in tennis prop bet

Every year during the WSOP, there are lots of prop bets between the top poker pros. We had previously heard about ElkY battling RasZi in some kickboxing, and today Patrik Antonius is taking on Brandon Adams in a tennis prop bet. Apparently hatched during a Poker After Dark episode they played on, Antonius would have to pay out $295k if he loses while Adams will pay out $30k if he loses the match at the Las Vegas International Tennis Centre.

Is Antonius a 10-1 favorite over Adams in tennis?

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SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3710d ago

Hey I assume you meant $30k and not $30 ;) I think patrick will destroy him he is in shape and a good athlete...but he's givingh Adams verry good odds ;) This would be a fun matc to see. I wish he would give me a prop bet like that ;)

77timmy1986 Silver 2
3708d ago

I feel like this prop bet is kind of stupid. I mean 10-1, are you serious? I'm gunna bet that Antonius kills him. What they should have done was change the scoring where every game starts with Adams up 15-love or something like that.

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3696d ago

Apparently, Antonius made a good bet, even 10-1 as he crushed Brandon Adama 6-0 6-1. Patrik was just too good across the board and collects his $30k.

Adams said "I should have played more high pressure matches. Match play for money is like a different game; I'm not used to playing when juiced up"