Lederer spotted in Las Vegas

According to Marie-Lizette and Jon Friedberg who were dining late night at the popular sushi restaurant Sen of Japan when in walked none other than Howard Lederer, Annie Duke and the mop haired Joe Reitman. They chatted with Friedberg for a minute then sat and had their dinner uninterrupted.

Rumor has it that Full Tilt is to make a big announcement Tuesday and people are speculating that would be reason for Lederer to return if it was good news finally after being essentially in hiding in Dublin, Ireland for the last six weeks since Black Friday.

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SmokeDaAces Silver 2
3710d ago


Hopefully you're righhtabout there being good news...the poker world could really start using a series of good  news after nothing but bad news lately.


Yup, and have you guys seen what is happening to online sportsbook too? they are getting seized by the DOJ one after the other. One of the reputed books, BetED, just announced that they are closed for good and that all players funds are held by the gouv of the USA and they can't repay anybody at the moment.

Posted by 77timmy1986 on 05/31/2011 7:07PM [ Reply ]

Yeah I just that about the sports books last week. I guess it's time to do all my gambling in person.