FTP rumors

With the lawsuit between Phil Ivey and Full Tilt Poker, things are likely to get even uglier for Full Tilt who hasn't returned poker player money to U.S. players.

Rumors of more questionable tactics going on at Full Tilt poker.

- Nick Rainey said that Chris Porter, former Poker Royalty employee and now working for FTP was selling black market 100% rakeback accounts at Full Tilt for as much as $50k.

- Full Tilt was allowing some of its top pros to play on credit.

- One example was David Benyamine who eventually built up a deficit of 4 million that pissed off Howard Lederer.

-  Some said it was a similar situation with Phil Ivey, which Tilt referred to in their response to his lawsuit, that his account was used for big transfers amongst players.

- The FTP Doug username used on 2p2 to communicate all official FTP statements isn't a Doug at all, but rather multiple peope and most recently Michele Clayborn who is a FTP spokesperson

- FTP stopped buying in red pros to events after UIGEA, but would still buy in team FTP owners.

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Funny how shady FTP is compared to PokerStars... or PS have some solid persons that make sure nothing of such happen to them publicly.