EPT Grand Final Begins

The EPT Grand Final is about to begin in Monte Carlo. Poker pros from all over the world gather in the tiny Mediterranean kingdom to battle it out - while enjoying life big time. Poker has been called "a hard way to make an easy living", and anyone who's tried it knows that there's some truth to this. At times, though, life in the fast lane of professional poker is just really easy. Life is easy as hell David Williams arrived in the Nice airport and took a helicopter to Monaco and his room at five star hotel "Le Meridien" - despite being afraid of heights. Evelyn Ng lost a chocolate croissant to a huge seagull that flew in through the window and snatched it from her room at the Monte Carlo Bay - also five stars. Now the Mediterranean sun has come out behind light morning clouds. Some players hit the pool while others sit down to play tournament poker. Day 1A of the EPT Grand Final is about to start. Role model for Las Vegas For centuries, this classic place has been providing ultra-easy life for people in the very fastest lanes of life. Luxurious hotels, fine dining, wonderful beaches and of course, ultra high stakes gambling of all kinds - Monaco truly is the elegant older brother of Las Vegas. Usually there's not much poker to be found in the Monegasque casinos, but when the professional poker circuit hits town, this detail is taken care of. The buy-in to the EPT Grand Final is €10,000 (around $14,000). Besides that, the side action will go wild, and the town will get to see some ultra high stakes cash games in luxury suites of various five star hotels. Ultra high stakes action Expect to see sit-and-gos with buy-ins at $10,000 and China poker at $1,000 per point. That's standard. Also, rumor has it a guy called Cheescake is setting up a game of high stakes HORSE. We'll tell you more when we catch any news. It's in the small and de facto-French town of Monte Carlo that Season 5 of the European Poker Tour will end in a big bang grand final in the days to come. It's about to start right now. The roof just opened to allow sunlight and fresh air into the fancy parlor. What a show! The last days of competition will be sent live over the internet on Poker Stars TV. That's poker television at its very best. source http://www.pokerjunkie.com/2009-ept-grand-final-begins

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FL0PK1LL3R Bronze 1
4382d ago
the EPT Season is finished. Last Weekend. The Winner is Peter de Korver