If it's WSOP time, it must be Phil Hellmuth blowup time

After getting his money in as at 96.4% favorite and losing the hand, Hellmuth the 46 year-old WSOP legend let loose with “God! Are you f**king kidding me,” and “How f**king bad are you?” as he vented his frustration on his amused opponent.

Nonetheless, his amateur opponent was obviously relishing witnessing a renowned Phil Hellmuth blow-up at close quarters and was seen putting a knee on his seat, and punching the air with a fist whilst hollering: “I got Phil Hellmuth!”

After cooling down, Hellmuth said sarcastically “Very nice play, sir, very nice play,” before heading to the nearest exit.

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I think people just go on Phil Hellmuth to see him go crazy and people knows they will either be on TV and stuff like that.

77timmy1986 Silver 2
3765d ago

I can't believe it took this long. All I've heard is that he's been pretty well behaved. I enjoy a nice Phil Hellmuth tilt as much as the next guy, more probably, but like John McEnroe you can get pissed off without degrading other people involved.