Ivey borrowed $10 million from Full Tilt?

According to research and inside sources close to Subject:Poker, "From June 2009 until April 2011, Phil Ivey borrowed money from Full Tilt Poker at least eighteen times, totaling at least $10,715,000."

Ivey supposedly repaid $5-$6 million of the loans on Full Tilt, but no accounting was present for the other $4-$5 million.

It seems some of the accusations made of Ivey in the wake of his $150 million FTP lawsuit might have been correct. Ivey seems to be swinging from zero to hero to zero with regularity in the wake Black Friday.

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zzbigstackzz Silver 2
3615d ago

Wow that is kind of surprising. I'm not saying all poker tv celebrities are immaculate human beings, but I really believed Ivey. I guess in the end we have to realive tat these guys make money lieing, swindling and munipulating their way to millions. Hell I'd love to play for a living but it takes a perticular kind of person to really thrive.