Isildur1 still bemoaning historic $4.2 million loss

In Viktor "Isildur1" Blom's latest interview with Bluff Europe Magazine, he's still complaining about his massive loss to Brian Hastings, after playing Cole South and Brian Townsend (all friends).

"And yes, the collusion. I think they were angle-shooting, and cowards. One time I remember playing Cole South in a 300-600 game and I was so tilted that I was 3-betting every hand. And he was up and suddenly he quits! I said, “wtf?” He says sorry, he has to go. I thought to myself wtf is he doing? Then, seconds later, Hastings sits down (laughs). They were probably sitting next to each other! Then he beat me for $4.5 million.

“In one session at 500-1000, running 3,2 mill over EV, I’d call a raise on the turn with a wrap and fucking miss so many times in pots over 200k. It was so sick, and in the end he was keep typing in the chat when I was tilt and he ran like god, that he had to quit, I mean why quit a session like that, so sick of it. Maybe plan was Townsend or South was gonna play again?”

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77timmy1986 Silver 2
3611d ago

Sounds like he was playing so bad and running even worse that he would be happy to end the match-ups early. I've gotten upset when I lose big to a player and they call it quits but it happens. A lot of the time I look back and am thankful that they did quit because then it forces me to calm down and not try to chase my losses. Although if they were in cahoots against him that's a different story.