The No Talk Rule: Pros and Cons

At this year's WSOP, one of the topics of significant debate was the enforcement of the "No Talk Rule." 

You may have noticed Daniel Negreanu complaining about the "No Talk Rule" while at the feature table of the WSOP Main Event this year. Maybe you even complained yourself about how much HE was complaining. Most people were definitely left wondering- were his complaints merited?

The specific rule in question is rule #41 of the TournamentDirector's Association Rules (not #42 as Matt Savage says on Quad Jacks). These rules are used at the WSOP and most tournaments in Las Vegas and California.


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szabby69 Silver 2
3611d ago

The rule officially states:

"41. No Disclosure
Players are obligated to protect the other players in thetournament at all times. Therefore, players, whether in thehand or not, may not:

  1. 1. Disclose contents of live or folded hands,
  2. 2. Advise or criticize play at any time,
  3. 3. Read a hand that hasn't been tabled.
77timmy1986 Silver 2
3611d ago

I think it's an unnecessary rule like Negreanu stated. But his complaining was driving me crazy. He just wouldn't let it go and I thought a real pro's, pro like him would take it in stride and adapt without all the whining.

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3611d ago

I think the rule needs to be relaxed, especially for TV poker as that's what the fans like to see. But there are limits and I can see why Matt Savage and the TDA are concerned about the impact on the game and collusion. There are other ways that it can be enforced and discouraged though.


I hate to sound like an "Old Fogy", but...Them "young-ins" now-a-days talk too much! Listen to the stories Doyle & Slim would tell of playing in the old days, most of these "kids" would have been shot! Phil Hellmuth & Mike Matuzow wouldn't make it past their first BB!

 Players in the last few years have danced all around & over this rule. Daniel Negreanu & a few others have incorporated into their game, which is probably is why he "wouldn't let it go". These players will talk openly about past hands to see if they can get them to open up & expose themselves.

 The other problem is these "pros"  play in too many informal events & have gotten used to how they chat while playing in them. 

Now if they want to chat about "anything", well these players can set-up their own event. Call it "The All Talk Challenge"...rules are simple, if you don't talk, you get a penalty. This could be the start of a "all talk" league. They could have a "Mike the Mouth" open, in which if you don't toss a "F" bomb every 10 mins or insult another player's play, you get a 10 min penalty...

 It would make for great TV! Wink

axistilt23 Silver 2
3611d ago

It's not like they can't talk at all, they just can't discuss their cards. So while a lot of these guys use it to gain an advantage will talk less, the overall entertainment/interaction factor can still be there and make the game fun. Although I must say, listening to Negreanu talk through a hand and put opponents on hands is one of the real treats in tv poker. Of course that is coming from a fan perspective, if I were at the table I would probably feel different.

motriuc Silver 1
3610d ago

lol.i just wait the rules:dont watch at your cards!!!