Full Tilt Poker: From Robusto to Busto

As the time passes, more details are coming out from behind the scenes @FTP which is painting a pretty ugly picture! Millions of dollars lost, stolen, or just un-accounted for & no word on when anyone will be paid...


"It wasn’t very long ago that the Cereus Poker network was the online poker world’s whipping boy when it came to “how NOT to run an online poker site”, but in the aftermath of Black Friday a new, and highly unexpected, foil has taken the place of UB and Absolute Poker as the main recipient of the online poker world’s ire: FTP."


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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3645d ago

It is amazing to see how far and fast Full Tilt has fallen as they were very admired in the poker world for years. A real shame. UB has disappeared off the map and all the attention is on FTP, but also because many more people are affected with much bigger sums of money.

(note-I deleted your link because it was leading to a affiliate site and that's against rules here. Plus the story wasn't that informative, just a way to push Stars and Tilt)

Posted by mothersquatch on 08/03/2011 3:58PM [ Reply ]

Sorry I just read the story & did not investigated the site. I do think it is informative though (especially this paragraph, "Just some of the rumors/evidence that has come to light includes: The co-mingling of player and operational funds; the internal selling of rake-free accounts; a $160 million loss after the site made the decision to process E-Checks without a payment processor, figuring they could collect the money months later; and processing millions of dollars in loans to Phil Ivey"). So if it's ok, let me post the rest of the article & see what others think?