Worst graphics...

I play on virgin poker.......the graphics are truly gruesome..everything is in shades of black/grey.....abit like playing on black and white telly(remember them?) the cards are coloured ...that,s it...anyone know of worse? ps, the players are gruesome as well...but in a good way..for me that is..lol

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southsidecan Gold 2
4519d ago
many sites are Gruesome ,and the Cards are have many colors, Still why is that Site So Good ??? Please Enlighten me so I know and I can pass it on
Posted by george59 on 05/09/2009 10:21AM [ Reply ]

Lots of FISH, and a few DONKEYS as well....lol

Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/09/2009 11:39AM [ Reply ]

maybe I'll try out!