10 Greatest wrestlers of all time

Here's a lit of my top 10 of all time, what's yours?



#2 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

#3 Stone Cold Steve Austin

#4 The Rock

#5 Don "The Rock" Muraco

#6 Rick Flair

$7 "Superstar" Billy Graham

#8 Rey Mysterio

#9 Dusty Rhodes

#10 Brett "The Hitman" Hart



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Hmmm...ntb, but as much as I hate the man...you gotta have Terry on the list, between him & Vinny Mac in the 80's revolutionized wrestling & while Don Muraco was a great heel (and mebbe would make the top 10 heels) he wouldn't make most top 10 overall lists (that run he did with Superstar BG was great & his battles as a WWF mid-carder were pdg)

  I've been watchin wrestling since I was a toddler and have seen sooo many matches over the years either on TV, Video, or (now finally) live that I've got my own top 10 list of wrestlers.....


10)  Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, he was involved in 3 of my top 10 matches all-time...WM3 vs Macho Man prob the greatest match all-time!!! His work in the AWA vs Ric Flair, WOW!

  9)  Kurt Angle...'96 Gold Medallist...multiple WWE champ, TNA champ...great on the mic...neck broken twice & he's still doin the top rope moonsult...

  8)  Bret Hart....he woulda been higher, but thanks to Goldberg it got cut short (& Vinny Mac bein cheap too)

  7)  Roddy Roddy Piper...one of the greatest heels ever, shame he never got to hold the Big Belt, but even till today he's able to entertain...

  6)  Chris Benoit...never had a bad match, held every major belt in his carreer (WCW, WWE, ECW, New Japan...)

  5)  Randy "MachoMan" savage...OOOOHHHYAAA!! If it weren't for #4 he'd been even higher... his battles though his career with HH, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, too bad he couldn't let it go...

  4)  Hulk Hogan....oh this hurts to write, but he & Vinny Mac did make Wrestling what it is today, but when that music comes on it feels like nails on a chalkboard!!! Only thing I liked was his run as a heel in WCW..

  3)  Stone Cold Steve Austin...As Hogan was in the 80's, SC was to the 90's. He was the greatest Anti-hero ever!!! His mic work was #2 to only #1 on this list, His matches were great...ever see him with Flyin Brian in the WCW?

  2)  Lou Thezs...while most have never seen any of his matches, anyone who wrestles in 7 decades, holds the real World title for as long as he did has to be near (if not at) the top of any list

  1)  The Nature Boy Ric Flair...16 time world champ (possibly more depending on sources), the 60 min man (1992 Royal Rumble), I've watch his matches though-out his career (early AWA with Ricky Steamboat & Roddy Roddy, NWA against Harley Race & Dusty Rhodes, WCW vs Sting, The Four Horseman) ..his mic work was just the greatest!!!


 Honourable mentions (in no particular order)...

 The Undertaker

 Rey Mysterio

 Chris Jericho

 Kerry Von Erich

 HHH (another one I can't really stand, but you can't argue with his accomplishments)

 Samoa Joe (it's early in his career, but he'll make it in time, as the same with the next...)

 AJ Styles

 Bruiser Brody.....there are soo many more that should be mentioned....


I'll be back next week & we can post our top 10 tag teams...gee I wonder who'll be Jeff's #1???



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Posted by mothersquatch on 05/31/2009 9:01AM [ Reply ]

Oh I forgot another honourable mention...HBK...who'd thought when he started as a Rocker, he'd still be at near the top 20+ years later...



Well it's time for another top 10...this time Tag Teams

This was a tough one too, sooo many great teams through out time...where to start

10) Demolition Axe & Smash...while Vinny was trying to rip-off the Road Warriors, they over the time in the WWF had some pretty good runs as Tag Team Champs (when they had good story lines)

9) The Dudley Boyz...coming from the ECW, they revived the tag team situation in wrestling (which had died off in the latter part of the 90's), bringing "extreme" wrestling to the main stream fans..

8) Harlem Heat-Stevie Ray & Booker T...10 time WCW tag team champs, if it weren't for Stevie's chronic injuries & the NWO story line they would have been higher on the list, but it worked out for Boooker!

7) Edge & Christian-Hardy Boyz (tie) you can't put one ahead of the other...both of these teams were involved the some of the most extreme tag team matches of all time (TLC 1 & 2) with the Dudley's they made for some of the greatest "bumps" in the history of wrestling

6) The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael PS Hayes, Terry (BammBamm) Gordy, Buddy Roberts, & Jimmy-Jam Garvin) These guys came up with the Freebird Rule which allowed any 2 of them to defend the titles, also were the first to do a music video (Bad Street USA). They had the idea first...Vinny just ran with it...

5) Rock'n'Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) tied with The Mid-night express & The Rocker (Shawn Micheals & Marty Jannetty) While the Express were the start all of them were styled the same way, all were multiple time champs in every organization they were with, all fought the top teams of the times & did compete against each other as well...

4) The Hart Foundation & The British Bulldogs While 3/4 members were all family (which made the matches between them that much better) these 2 teams (along with The Killer Bees) were an important part of tag team wrestling in the 80's for the WWF.

3) Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard...The Brainbusters, This team has been called the Backbone of the greatest stable of wrestling talent ever assembled...The Four Horsemen!!! To be called that you have to something, like win titles in every organization they were in...the Anderson's have trained some of today's greats as well... inside the ring the 2 of them were a well oiled machine.

2) The Steiner Brothers...these guys won everything everywhere they went, NWA, WCW, WWF, New Japan, the storylines they had in WCW were great (Jeff you remember when they both had that feud over Woman & Scott got thrown from the limo?)

1) The Road Warriors...AWA, NWA, WCW, WWF, New Japan..in all about 20 titles...I remember the first time I saw them, gawd they were awesome!!!...they were a revolution in tag team wrestling, they were the first "Extreme" wrestlers (remember the scaffold match between them & the Midnight Express?)

Honourable mentions (in no particular order)


The Outsiders (while they were together late in their careers, they were the best on the mic)

Brothers of destruction Taker & Cane...while they aren't a regular team, when they do get together...they lived up to their name!!

The New Age Outlaws...many titles, great storylines (remember the invasion of WCW, that was hilarious) in ring they were great & very close to being on the list

DOOM... Ron Simons & Butch Reed

Rock & Sock connection...well you've got 2 of the best talkers ever, in ring it was a funny

The Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika) The first Big man team with the speed of the luchadores