FUNNY - Head in the Tiolet Pranks---Look Out

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southsidecan Gold 2
4485d ago

maybe its me but overall i had thought this is good

why  is it that no-one can respond on this

Is it over my head or is everyone to "Good " to comment and not able to let go with everday Cr*P  and laugh

have a laugh for a change all

Last updated: 06/11/2009 10:55PM

Awww South...humour is a subjective thing, some people like Benny Hill, some like Cheech & personally, I like Python & the early days of SNL!

 Have you ever listen to the old Lps of Bill Cosby ("To Russel, my brother, whom I slept with", that's a killer & not a single swear word!)!!!

I still have a ton of old Lps, George Carlin, C&C, Python, Richard Pryor (Wanted...Live in concert, what can you say, but the funniest chain of f bombs ever!!) & I just finished downloading a compellation of Sam Kinison's...Tongue out!!!!

 As for the toilet seat gag...ntb, but it's a little long & I find that with watch J4L, if was a litlle shorter it would be funnier, it's like watching too many episodes of Red Dwarf in a row...they are funny, but you need a break to appreciate them!

Posted by southsidecan on 06/13/2009 7:50PM [ Reply ]

MS for a minute did you not notice there was more than 1 person entering and exiting the toilet in a total of one point something minutes there was maybe 4-5 people (sorry can't add )

Posted by mothersquatch on 06/17/2009 10:23AM [ Reply ]

My point was that it's funny, but after the 3rd or 4th person, it becomes tried!!! In the same way watching too many episodes of any sit-com or stand up act, which is the problem with JFL gags...did you ever see the one where the kids are selling lemonade to adults...behind a blanket they have a kid pretending to pee into the jug & the blanket drops when the adult is drinking a cup?? they only did a couple each time before a commercial break, that keeps it fresher!!!

southsidecan Gold 2
4483d ago

MS didn't think one minute of video was that long ,maybe they should shorten movies to a max of 5 mins HaHaSealedLOL

Last updated: 06/13/2009 6:11PM
southsidecan Gold 2
4481d ago

be alittle different if he was to stick his butt out when you enteredCool

Posted by mothersquatch on 06/17/2009 10:29AM [ Reply ]

did you hear about the guy who was busted near me who was caught in a public BR in a wet suit & video camera?? The guy was inside filming people doing their "thing" & someone heard a noise and called the cops...2 weeks later they busted another @ Wasaga Beach going into another...maybe it was after they showed this on air!!! You know, life imitating art, eh??