Feds Freeze Poker Champ's Winnings Federal Officials Order Banks to Freeze Millions in Online Poker Winnings

On the Sunday before Memorial Day, David made the big time.

Online poker
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Winning $10,000 in an online poker tournament made him eligible for the upcoming World Series of Poker, the game's premier event, where hundreds of players -- amateur and professional -- descend on Las Vegas from around the world to play for a multimillion-dollar pot.

To register, he simply had to cash a check cut by a company that processed payments for the poker Web site Pokerstars.com and use the $10,000 to buy into the series.

When he went to cash the check from Account Services Wednesday, it bounced, he said.

What David, a 41-year-old from Virginia who spoke on the condition that ABC News use only his first name, initially thought was a glitch turned out to be part of an unprecedented government crackdown on online poker that affected some 27,000 people.





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southsidecan Gold 2
4393d ago

CryUnreal when will we have our time to play and win and regain some our monies   and rewards for the time invested

If the government wants to retain our winnings and claim taxes then they should also allow us to claim our intial  investments toward our contribtions

It's just not money to start with but have they considered the TIME we have put in to earn the prize money

what is our time worth per hour of Play!!!


what is our time worth at a table ???????????????????

Tax Deductible !!!

Last updated: 06/11/2009 10:35PM