Minimum Rake Back Limit Removed

While I never played much @  FatBet, I do get the monthly newsletter.

 One reason was the set-up for the RB, but now I might have to check it out!!!

 Here's the excerpt from the newsletter

Minimum Rake Limit Removed

We understand that not everybody plays the same way and sometimes your own patterns will change due to outstanding circumstances. These eventualities should not be a reason not to receive rakeback. We want to reward ALL our players for their dedication which is why as of now you will receive rakeback no matter how much you have raked.

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PF_Jeff Gold 1
4547d ago

Finally! They have realized not all players are able to rake min $100 a month at the limits they play. Either that or they were losing customers left right and center because of it!

PokerPro Bronze 3
4547d ago

I'm checking this out for sure now, any rakeback is good rakeback! Do you have any idea how it's distibuted? Weekly, monthly, daily?