Picking a Professional Players Couples Team

Cool   Thought that this would be an interesting thread as there are so many varibles and players

With many male Pro Players like     Phil Ivey,  Scotty Nguyen, Daniel Negreanu , Phil Helmuth , Mike Sexton, Dewey Tomko , Doyle Brunson ,Barry Greenstien  etc

And female Pro Players  such as     Annie Duke ,Cindy Violette, Jenniffer Tilly, Kathy liebert, Jennifer Harman ,Annette Obrestad, Jennifer Liegh etc 

and the list goes on

If you had your  Choice    to pick  a  couple to play as a  pair  in say a   Heads-Up Couples Match Game ---     Who Would You Pick ???

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MichFran Silver 3
4489d ago

Daniel Negreanu because he's one of the best and a funny guy. On the female side I would have to go with Isabel Mercier because she's very easy on the eyes if you know what I mean ;)

Posted by PF_Jeff on 07/11/2009 1:43PM [ Reply ]

and she's good!!

Posted by MichFran on 07/11/2009 1:55PM [ Reply ]

Indeed, no doubt about that. She is really good.

george59 Gold 1
4488d ago

Heads-up game??.............ME and Pamela Anderson playing strip poker..Tongue out

Posted by southsidecan on 07/12/2009 3:32PM [ Reply ]

I'm in but can i go first

Posted by george59 on 07/12/2009 6:15PM [ Reply ]